Left, corner of Western Ave and N. Harvard St circa 1950's. Right, the same corner in 2008.

Flint Cleaners was founded in 1872.  Since that time, its neighboring businesses have
come and gone but this humble establishment has persisted, thanks to the loyal patronage
of its clients.  Mr. and Mrs. Lee, the current owners and operators, acquired the business
in 1985.  Over 20 years later, Mr. and Mrs. Lee are still happily providing quality dry-
cleaning and laundering services to the Allston community.

High Quality Dry-Cleaning, Laundry and Tailoring Services Since 1872
History of Flint Cleaners

Then & Now
Top, Mr. and Mrs. Lee at the cleaners in 1985 with the previous owners.  Bottom, the same happy couple in 2008.